How Sedation Dentistry Improves Your Dental Procedures

| July 20, 2016

Sedation DentistFor many of us, undergoing a lengthy or complicated dental procedure can be a cause of anxiety. And if that anxiety keeps us away from the dentist chair, our oral health can also suffer.

But with modern methods of sedation dentistry, long or uncomfortable procedures are much more manageable. Sedation dentistry can help with pain management, anxiety, and is a wonderful option for those who can’t comfortably sit for long periods of time.

To better understand the benefits of sedation dentistry, here are a few of the methods we use at Grandview Dental Care, and how they can improve your next procedure.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes called ‘sleep dentistry,’ sedation dentistry employs medication to help you relax during a procedure. The medication can be administered several different ways, but the sedation we use generally falls into three categories:

  • Numbing
  • Light Sedation
  • Moderate Sedation

Numbing is local anesthesia, gently administered without needles. The effects last about three or four hours, making this ideal for restorative services like fillings and crowns.

Light sedation is very useful for patients who have trouble remaining calm during a procedure. ‘Laughing gas’ is an easily administered analgesic, leaving the patient in a pain-free, conscious state.

Moderate sedation is an option for patients with strong aversion to dental work, or who would like all of their oral procedures finished in one appointment. Through IV sedation, the patient is placed in a controlled sedated state, able to respond to simple command but will have no memory of the procedure.

Benefits to Your Oral Health

We think of sedation dentistry as a way for you to get over the fear of a complicated or lengthy procedure, but this also ends up as a benefit to your physical health.

It’s that fear that may keep you from coming to our office on a regular basis. And for those able to overcome that fear through the help of sedation, that routine dental care is more likely to be performed.

This is a great benefit to your overall oral health – your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned more often, and any problem areas will be spotted early on, before they have a chance to progress.

Sedation is also a helpful option for patients who may not be anxious, but have physical issues making a dental procedure difficult. For patients with a severe gag reflex, sedation may be the only way to get through any procedure.

Peace of Mind

Many people are anxious about having dental work done, for numerous reasons – some are claustrophobic, and their nerves get the best of them once in the chair. Others may have had a bad experience in the past, have a low tolerance for pain, or may be worried about the length of a procedure.

Sedation dentistry can also provide a great benefit for patients with mental or developmental disabilities, who may be incapable of sitting still for long periods of time, or who are unable to respond to a dentist’s instructions. With monitored sedation, these patients can get the oral care they need, with minimal unease or discomfort.

No matter the procedure or your comfort level, our professionals at Grandview Dental Care are prepared to make your next appointment comfortable, relaxing, and safe. If you haven’t considered sedation dentistry before, contact our office at 614-468-8654 to learn more about what techniques are the best fit for you.