Reward and show appreciation for those that help you succeed!

| April 7, 2009

It’s something that we all know to do but sometimes we temporarily forget to show appreciation for those that we work with.  It’s always a boost to morale when someone recognizes you for a job well done. 

On the eve of my annual ski trip to Steamboat Springs with my buddies I decided to have a little “treat yourself” economic stimulus of my own for my staff.  They always work hard but March was a very busy month and everyone was ready for me to be out of the office for a few days because everyone needed a much deserved break.

So… to show my appreciation I gave each staff member a $100 bill with the instructions to spend it on themselves by Monday 4/13.  Everybody needs to treat themselves every once in a while and sometimes my staff members have a tendency to take care of others first….

I want receipts and stories and if they successfully accomplish the mission I will give them another $50!

So far the excitement has been off the charts!  I will report back with details on Monday.