Quick Fixes For Awkward Dental Moments

| January 22, 2014



IMAGINE YOU’RE AT AN IMPORTANT BUSINESS DINNER at Mitchell’s steak house in downtown Columbus, or maybe on a first date. We can’t help you with the small talk, or determining what to wear. However, we can help you steer clear of some dental faux pas.


Awkward Dental Moment #1: You have Something Stuck In your Teeth


How do you know if something is stuck in your teeth? Look in a mirror.  Tip: The back of a spoon or your cell phone camera make great emergency mirrors.


Plan A: Swish some water around in your mouth or perhaps chew a piece of sugarless gum to release it. 

Plan B: If something is really stuck, you may want to excuse yourself to go to the restroom. Using Floss works best—but if you don’t have floss with you, use your fingernail. You can also try folding up a paper towel and using the corner.


Caution: DON’T EVER use potentially dangerous tools in your mouth like wires, tweezers, pens, keys, etc. that can harm teeth and gums!


But what if someone else has something in their teeth?


Here’s a tip:  Tell them about it.  Sooner rather than later.  Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you if you had something stuck in your teeth?




Awkward Dental Moment #2: You think you have Bad Breath


Plan A: Drink some water or chew some sugarless gum. Keep a supply of sugarless breath mints in your pocket or purse.

Plan B: Scrape your tongue when you brush. Use a spoon or specially made tongue scrapers. The majority of bad-breath bacteria hangs out on your tongue.

Plan C: If you’re out at a Columbus restaurant, you may be able to chew on your garnish (like parsley). Other good foods to help freshen your breath are celery, apples, or yogurt.


Awkward Dental Moment #3: You have Tooth Pain Or Sensitivity


Sudden stabs of pain from your teeth can be distracting. What’s more, tooth pain may be a sign of something more critical that is going on in your mouth.


Plan A: Avoid hot and cold foods. If your jaw hurts, hold a cold drink against it.

Plan B: If the problem persists, please give us a call at 614-486-7378. Our Columbus dentist office has an emergency after hours number too!


Remember, you can avoid many of the worst dental dilemmas by keeping your routine dental cleaning and checkup appointments. Catch small dental problems before they become emergencies.


Thanks for your trust in our practice! 

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