Pool Water Can Affect Your Smile

| June 12, 2014



IF YOU, OR SOMEONE YOU CARE FOR SPENDS SIX HOURS A WEEK or more in a swimming pool, listen up! This is super important information to know…


Prolonged Pool Water Exposure Can Affect Teeth


Most swimmers are shocked to learn about the potentially damaging effects pool water chemicals can have on teeth. When maintaining a pool it’s a constant battle keeping the temperature, chlorine level, and pH level balanced. When the pH level isn’t properly balanced (and sometimes even if it is) your smile can be exposed to excessive acidity levels.


So if you’re on a swim team, play water polo, swim daily for exercise, or have children who spend their entire summer in the pool, watch for these potential problems:


Swimmer’s Calculus


Swimmer’s calculus reveals itself as hard brown tartar deposits that show up primarily on front teeth. It’s difficult to remove by yourself, but it can be removed during a professional dental cleaning.


Eroded Enamel


Regardless of where acids come from—whether it’s from sports drinks, certain foods, pop, or pool water—acids can eat away at tooth enamel. Thin enamel can lead to accelerated decay and painful sensitivity.


A Simple Idea That Helps


Drink water! NOT pool water… Drinking water! For example if you’re swimming laps, set a bottle of  water poolside that’s easily attainable from inside the pool. Take a drink often and rinse your mouth with fresh water. Also, be sure to drink and rinse a lot right after your workout.


Typically, This Doesn’t Apply To “Casual Swimmers”


If you’re only in pool a few hours a week, or at the hotel on vacation, chances are you don’t need to worry about this. However, pass this information along to others! Most people knows someone who spends a lot of time in a pool.


Enough Of The Serious Stuff… Try This For Fun:



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