Look younger with routine dental visits

| October 13, 2009



Have you thought about how neglecting to visit a dentist on a regular basis can make you look old?  When you don’t take care of your teeth, they break down, you may lose a few teeth(or a lot).  Without teeth your jaw bone deteriorates and without that support your face can look like it’s “sunk in”.  Not a youthful look.

A picture says a lot


The images above are drawn by hand, and they show the effect of the loss of the teeth.  The image to the left shows the profile of a approximately 50 year old woman with a full set of teeth.  The center image shows what the patient would look like immediately after losing all of her teeth.  The image to the right shows the what the patient would look like at the age 50  if she had lost all her teeth at age 40 (10 years without teeth).

You have probably seen people with this type of deformity.  They were not born that way.  They have simply lost all their teeth.

Has it been awhile since you’ve been to the dentist?   If you are looking for a dentist in Columbus Ohio make an appointment with us today.

Information and photos for this blog post have been used by permission from www.doctorspiller.com.  Please visit their informative website for all you could possibly want to know about dentures, and more.  Should I have my teeth pulled and get full dentures?