Let’s Go Jackets! Support your Columbus Blue Jackets

| February 19, 2009

So this year I went in with a bunch of guys on season tickets.  It’s a big group, we have 6 seats in section 200 something right behind the goal.  I think I have 2 tickets for 7 to 8 games.  Anyway, they are pretty good seats for that section of the arena, wasn’t a huge investment and there are a lot of colorful diehard fans that sit around us so it’s fun.

I have been to games in season’s past but now I am really into it.  And right now the Jackets are on the bubble as to whether or not they’ll make post season so every game is like a play off game so it’s really exciting!

So, if you get a chance come out an see a game at Nationwide Arena and perhaps next year I’ll be able(as in my wife will allow it) to get more games and I’m sure we’ll have some patient giveway drawings for tickets!