Last Minute Holiday Gift ideas

| December 22, 2008

So, it’s a couple days before Christmas and perhaps you have a few more people on your list that you haven’t had a chance to shop for.  The economy is tight but it’s important to keep a bright outlook.  Times have been tough before and you made it through it.  So, here are just a few ideas compiled by the staff and some of our patients. 

For the dog walker: Baby it’s cold outside.  Since this is my first winter as a dog walker warm mittens and a fun, funky… yet warm hat are at the top of my list.  Warm socks would also be a nice surpise.

For the fitness buff:  Music Play list of your favorite workout tunes… tunes included or not.  It’s sometimes tough to think of a motivating play list so sharing your ideas would be a thoughtful gift.  Loading it onto their mp3 player would be an added bonus.  Fitness types always appreciate new socks, a new workout t-shirt, or join them as a workout partner!

For the cook or hobbyist:  There are 1000s of cookbooks out there on everything from appetizers to soups to the go-to cookbook. Go to to read reviews and then go to your local book store or Half Price Books to find them.   Do you know someone that likes to knit, bead, scrapbook?  Lots and lots of books on hobbies to provide inspiration or instruction.

Seasonal liquid soap dispenser:  Snowmen and snowflakes can be used all winter.  It’s fun and functional!  A favorite scented liquid hand soap from Bath and Body works is also something that everybody can use and might not purchase for themselves.

Kitchen Gadgets:  There are all kinds of gadgets for all levels of cooks.  Two heavily used items at the Thompson house are a 4-cup glass measuring cup and the lemon/lime squeezer.

Foodie:  A nice first cold press Virgin Olive Oil or a 24 month aged piece of parmesan cheese is always appreciated and can be found in various price ranges.  Check out Whole Foods or Curds and Whey in the North Market or Zeta’s European Emporium at 715 N High Street. 

Wine:  There are some very good and drinkable wines in the $10 to $15 price point.  (there are also some not so good ones so get a recommendation)  Go to a wine shop and ask for a suggestion.  There are many wine shops here in Grandview and the all offer great recommendations if you just tell them what you are looking for.  And no need to fear, they aren’t wine snobs….. at all.  Check out:

 Families:  Board games.  Lots of great games that are fun for the whole family and friends.  And still plenty in stock at your local store.

Girlfriend, Wife, BFF, Mom: A pair of earrings that she would wear any day of the week not just for special occasions.  2 great local Columbus stores with tons unique of choices in all price ranges:

  • What on Earth, Lane Avenue Shopping Center, 487-0336
  • Helen Winnemore’s, 150 E Kossuth in German Village, 444-5850

Coffee Lover/or Liker:  A pound of coffee from Stauf’s and a travel coffee mug.  Of course here at the office we love Highlander Grog coffee but there are choices for every taste and a very helpful staff that will even grind it for you, if you like.  They sell coffee mugs there too!

Boyfriend/Husband: A CD or MP3 playlist of the year’s favorite songs.  Perhaps, like Dr. T, you know someone that is addicted to Guitar Hero..don’t tell him but the playlist for Guitar Hero World Tour has already been loaded on his iPod!  A “year in review” personalized letter with photos makes a nice keepsake too.

Everyone: Fleece gloves.  Everyone can use a new set because gloves get lost, worn-out, or suddenly disappear only to re-appear on the hands of someone else.  Hmmm!