Invisalign Teen – Now we can straighten even more smiles with Invisalign

| September 25, 2008

Invisalign orthodontics has been used by general dentists and orthodontists on more that 3/4 of a million patients since it was introduced.  In 2008, Invisalign introduced Invisalign Teen to address specific orthodontic issues related to teens.

Dr. Thompson has been using Invisalign since 2002 and has treated over 140 patients with it.  He is now able to use this new Invisalign product, Invisalign teen.  Only a limited number of general dentists in Columbus Ohio can treat patients with Invisalign teen.  Based on Dr. Thompson’s experience with Invisalign and his use of traditional orthodontics in the past, he was selected to provide the Invisalign Teen solution.

Imagine looking great in your school pictures while you are straightening your smile.  You can’t say that about traditional braces with all those ugly brackets and wires. 

Imagine being able to eat all the foods you love and not worrying about what food is still stuck in your braces.

Imagine not have all the lip and mouth irritation that traditional braces give you!

Imagine not having decay and discoloration on your teeth, once your braces come off.  Many teen patients with traditional brackets and wires have decay and discoloration on their teeth once their braces come off.  With Invisalign you can also take the aligners out to eat and brush so you can eat the foods you love and keep your teeth clean and free of decay.  Parents love it as much as their teen!

For more scoop on Invisalign Teen, check out the Invisalign Teen Page.  You can also learn more about Invisalign on our Invisalign Page.

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How does Invisalign Teen differ from standard Invisalign?  See our next Invisalign post.