Invisalign Patient #56 of 2013

| December 11, 2013


Today I am going to write about our most recent Invisalign patient.  Amber is our 56th Invisalign patient of 2013.  While most Columbus Invisalign dentists see 10 maybe 15 Invisalign cases a year, we are on our 56th case.

Amber came to our Columbus Invisalign dentist office because she wanted to close some gaps in her teeth.  She also had some crowded teeth on the bottom front of her smile.  She wanted to fix the crowded teeth with Invisalign too.  She met with Dr. Hoellrich for a Smile Consultation which took about 20 minutes.  After the smile consultation Amber knew what Invisalign could do for her smile and Amber was anxious to get started.  At this same appointment we took the records, photos, and xrays to get started on her Invisalign smile.  In 2 weeks or less Amber’s  Invisalign aligners will be back from the lab and Amber can get started straightening her smile with Invisalign before the New Year starts.  Dr. Hoellrich expects that her Invisalign will take about 8 months to get her teeth the way she wants them.

We are a Columbus Invisalign dentist that does a lot of Invisalign each day.  Our Experience with Invisalign makes your Invisalign experience better.  Why?  We have used Invisalign to straighten a lot of teeth.  We know how to make your Invisalign case a  success. Why does that matter to you?  If something goes wrong  while you are straightening your teeth with Invisalign, we know how to fix it.  Usually it’s just a small tweek but we can identify early if your teeth aren’t as straight as they should be and make an immediate correction so that you treatment happens as quickly as possible.   And usually a faster Invisalign treatment makes a happier patient.

Do you live in Columbus Ohio and are you looking to straighten your teeth with Invisalign?   Make your appointment for an Invisalign Smile Consultation today.