Improve your smile, just talk to your dentist

| June 27, 2009

Your Smile is the first thing people typically see when the meet you.  Everyone has their own feelings about what kind of a smile they want and that is great.  But if you would like to understand the possibilities and cost of improving your smile, just ask your dentist.

And if you don’t like what you hear, ask another dentist. What I am saying here is that not every dentist has the same kind of style or philosophy so you need to find a dentist that matches your style and desire.  A friend of mine came to our office about 4 years ago.  She is/was a mid twenties professional and she had some staining on her front teeth.  Her old dentist had told her the staining “wasn’t a big deal”  and “was just part of her smile”  That is not the answer she wanted to hear so at her first appointment she asked Dr. Thompson what she could do about the staining.

It was a quick, pain free, polish to get the stains off and it didn’t cost her anything beyond her routine cleaning cost.  Bonus!

So, you might have something you’d like to change with your smile right now but you have been putting it off figuring it would cost a fortune.  Just ask.  You are an adult.  Get the scoop and then decide if it’s something you want for your smile.  Asking the question isn’t a commitment to treatment…. we all know that!

Top Questions to ask your dentist at a Smile Consultation.