If you need a pet specialist head straight to MedVet

| June 9, 2009

As some of you may know we have a sweet 6 year old greyhound/black lab mix dog named Prada that spends most days upstairs at the office “working” at the feet of my wife Becky.

She was not acting like her food loving, dog walk loving, curious self so Becky took her in to see the Vet which ended up with a trip to MedVet up in Worthington yesterday evening/night.  We don’t know the cause but she has some internal bleeding around her heart and they were able to stabilize her last night.  She will see the cardiac specialist this morning and hopefully they can determine a cause for the bleeding.

If you have ever been to MedVet with your pet you know the rollar coaster of emotions that happen while the ER docs are trying to diagnose the problem.  The longer your pet is there the more time they have to evaluate and determine the problem.  I guess what I am saying here is…. don’t delay in waiting to take your pet straight to MedVet.

If your own vet is waiting several hours for a lab to give them test results, that is probably not the right place for your pet to be waiting.  Ask your vet directly if the results would be faster and if your pet would have better care in this situation if you went directly to MedVet.  Because if your pet waits all day at your vet just to be sent to MedVet at 4:30 PM…. the specialist are all on their way home.

There are specialists in all fields of medicine for a reason.  Every patient whether they are human or an animal needs a patient advocate.  Don’t be afraid to speak up to a doctor if you don’t think the patient is getting the care they need.  If you or your pet has a special situation go see a specialist.