If I have periodontal disease why doesn’t it hurt?

| June 20, 2011

periodontal_disease_columbus_ohioIf I have periodontal disease why doesn’t it hurt?  This is an excellent question, and one that we get a lot at our Columbus, Ohio dental office.

I try to relate periodontal disease to how my patients think about monitoring their blood pressure. If you are not checking your blood pressure you may not be aware that your blood pressure is high until it’s really high and you wind up in an emergency situation.  High blood pressure “doesn’t hurt” until it’s too late.

Periodontal disease doesn’t hurt either but if you put off dental care until it hurts, you risk losing some or many of your teeth.  If you are not visiting the dentist regularly and not doing a proper home care dental routine then you could have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is never cured but with proper care it can be controlled and your teeth and gums can be healthy. So it’s best to stop periodontal disease before it starts.

Symptoms of Periodontal disease?

Find more information on periodontal disease by visiting www.perio.org. Or contact a Columbus dentist for a comprehensive dental exam.