How often should you visit the dentist?

| April 23, 2009

For most of our patients we recommend that you visit your dentist once every six months. However, you may need to visit him/her sooner if you notice any problems with your teeth.

Today we will discuss symptoms and signs of dental problems that indicate that you need professional help at once.

  • You have pain in the teeth and gums.
  • Your gums have become red and/or swollen.
  • Your gums bleed when you brush. You should not stop brushing if you find blood in your gums. Your dentist will diagnose the problem and treat you.
  • You have a bad taste in the mouth.
  • You have become too sensitive to sweet, hot, and cold food.
  • You have yellow or brown stains on your teeth.
  • You have tartar(a yellow or brownish hard crusty deposit that forms) on your teeth.
  • Your bad breath does not go away even after regular oral care.
  • Your teeth appear loose and move while brushing.
  • You have sores in your mouth.
  • Your teeth are chipped or broken.
  • You fell or had an accident that affected your mouth.

These signs are easy to notice. Ignoring these signs can cost your teeth and hence your smile.

There could be other problems, apart from the symptoms mentioned above, that indicate a dental health issue. Sleep apnea and constant headaches are two of such problems. Consult your doctor and dentist about these. Always keep your dentist informed about your health issues, surgeries, pregnancy, medicines etc.

Mark your calendar with all the appointments with the dentist, and treat every appointment sacred. After all, he/she takes care of your smile.

Happy smiling!

This blog post was contributed by our friends at Wayzata Dental, a Dental Office and Smile Spa located in Wayzata Minnesota.