How do you brush a dog’s teeth?

| July 9, 2008

Sit Pretty PradaWe have recently welcomed a dog into our home. Prada is a 5 year old Black Lab/Greyhound mix.  She’s fun to watch run since you expect her to run like a lab but then you see she runs like a Greyhound.  She is a sweet dog and we give her lots of attention and spoil her with Homemade Frosty Paws that we freeze in the red Kong toys.  


On a recent visit to the Vet, Prada had her teeth inspected and we were told she has very clean teeth for a dog.  So, how do you take care of a dog’s teeth?  My wife Becky likes to think it’s the Frosty Paws in the Kong but in asking the vet we were told that if you brush a dog’s teeth once per month, you are doing them a world of good.


How do you brush a dog’s teeth?  We were told to use a child’s size toothbrush and some Doggy Toothpaste that comes in unique flavors like… liver.  So far we have had limited success brushing Prada’s teeth but I’ll keep you posted.  And rest assured we have no plans to offer liver flavored toothpaste at your next visit.