Homemade Healthy Halloween Treats

| October 14, 2014


Homemade Healthy Halloween Treats

It’s October and as you prepare for Beggar’s night we wanted to share with you a video we found that shows you how to make some simple, fun, affordable and healthy Halloween treats. Here is a listing of Columbus Ohio Trick-or-treat dates.

What treats are in the video?

  • Severed Fingers – Carrots, hummus, pumpkin seeds
  • Fang Smiles – Apples, peanut butter, and almond slivers
  • Jack-o-lantern Sweet Potato chips
  • Broom Sticks – Pretzels with string cheese
  • Banana Ghost Pops

If you try some of these treats we would love to see a picture that you post to our Facebook page

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