Healthy Halloween treats that will bring smiles

| October 6, 2014


What your dentist has to say about Healthy Halloween Treats

HERE COMES HALLOWEEN! The season of ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and, of course… candy! If you’re smart about it, there is no reason for your Halloween fun to come at the expense of good dental health.

Rule 1: A Little Candy All At Once Is Probably Better Than Candy All Day/Night Long

When it comes to your oral health, a little “candy-binge” is better than grazing on that Halloween loot all day long (or all month long!). Our mouths are always working to restore the correct pH balance and to utilize our saliva to cleanse our smiles. So enjoy your candy once, and then brush and floss.

 Rule 2: Continue Eating Good, Healthy Meals

Keep eating three nutritious, square meals a day. This has two purposes. First, being full of good food will make you less likely to indulge too much in unhealthy candy. Second, eating a little candy with a meal continues to stimulate saliva production, and helps your mouth clean itself and restore a good PH balance.

 Rule 3: There is Bad Candy… And There’s Worse Candy

Some candies are more harmful to a healthy smile than others. The bad candies you need to watch out for are:

  • Sour ones, which are loaded with acid.
  • Chewy ones that stick on and between your teeth for a long time. (Gummy Bears)
  • Hard ones, like suckers, that rest on your teeth for a long periods of time—which can also crack or chip teeth.

The Good News is…. Chocolate Can Be A Less Harmful Choice

On the other hand, most chocolates, especially dark chocolates, may be better for your teeth than those listed above. Why? Chocolate dissolves quickly and doesn’t linger as long on your teeth.

Believe it or not but, not all dentists hand out toothbrushes and floss at Halloween. Over half  say that they give out candy. And of those who give out candy, about 80% of them choose to hand out chocolate over other candies.

Of course you could go overboard with the healthy treats.  Check out this video where Crest and Oral B punk kids.  Tofu Marshmallows?   Asparagus flavored Veggie chews?

Here is a listing of alternatives to candy for your healthy Halloween treats.

We hope that you have a great Halloween. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Check out our Facebook page for more Halloween fun.