Healthy Habits for a Healthy Smile

| October 12, 2011

Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month

Each October Columbus Ohio dentists celebrate Nation Dental Hygiene Month.  This celebration is used to spread awareness of the importance of a healthy mouth and what you need to do to keep your smile healthy.  Our job at Grandview Dental Care is the help you realize how easy it is to fit this routine into your busy life and keep your Smile Healthy!

Brush for 2 minutes, 2 times per day

Brushing your teeth for a full 2 minutes a minimum of two time per day is very important.  Studies have shown that this simple brushing routine is the single most important step a person can take to reduce plaque buildup.  Reducing plaque can reduce the risk plaque associated problems such as cavities & gingivitis.

Proper brushing techniques

Floss daily

It’s as simple as that.

Proper flossing removes plaque and food particles in places where a toothbrush cannot reach;  under the gumline and between your teeth. Because plaque build-up can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, daily flossing is highly recommended.

We understand that making flossing a habit is probably the greatest home-care challenge a dental patient faces.  There are many different flossing products available  from different types and thickness of floss.  We typically recommend the “statin floss tape” because we like the way it feels in the mouth and the amount of “work” it does in getting out the gunk.  If you are resistant to flossing, tell us why!  We can help you come up with a routine that will work for you.

Proper flossing techniques


Rinse with Mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth each day with an anti-microbial mouth rinse is another important step in preventing  gum disease known as gingivitis.  To kill plaque and gingivitis germs that brushing leaves behind, be sure to finish your oral care routine with an antiseptic mouthwash with the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Advice on rinsing with mouthwash

Chew Sugar Free Gum after meals

There is evidence that chewing sugar-free gum after eating or drinking is an important part of good oral health. Chewing sugar free gum stimulates the most important natural defense against tooth decay – saliva – which, in turn helps fight cavities, neutralize plaque acids,  and wash away food particles.

Many people don’t know about the scientific evidence supporting the use of sugarfree gum.

Make regular appointments for your Dental Check-up

Why is it important to see your dentist for regular checkups?  Let’s face it, how often do you look in the dark nooks and crannies that are part of your mouth?  And how much can you really see while looking real close in a mirror?

Your dentist, or hygienist can see things in your mouth you can’t see but we can show you on a tv screen with our inter-oral camera.

By visiting us on a regular basis little problems are recognized early before they become bigger, more expensive, and more painful problems.

Your teeth feel So Smooth and clean after we clean them professionally.  We have all the tools to get the job done.

Are you overdue for a cleaning?  Make an appointment today!