Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation Gala this weekend

| February 24, 2010


Columbus Dentist donates an iPod nano to the GHMC Education Foundation Silent Auction.

This Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 6:30 PM is the 19th Annual GHMC Gala at the Blackwell.

Each year Grandview Dental Care trys to find something dental related to donate that will bring in nice donation to support the event.   We have found that electronics, mixed with a few toothbrushes, seems to do the trick.

So, this year’s gift basket contains a silver iPod Nano, toothbrushes, a Got Floss? t-shirt and a few other dental homecare items.

We hope that you can support this year’s event too!  It’s always a special night for Grandview.