Grandview Dental Care Looking forward to 2012

| January 10, 2012

Columbus Ohio dentist looking forward to 2012

In the new year, we are looking forward to a year of growth and expansion at Grandview Dental Care.  In November 2011, Dr Abraham Hoellrich officially became a partner and part owner in the practice.  Expansion and remodeling of the current space will be undertaken to provide room for both doctors to be in the practice simultaneously.  This will enable us to provide better access and more appointment times for our patients.

2011 held it’s share of challenges.  The economy was a challenge for most during the year.  We are very thankful to our patients who place a high priority on maintaining good dental health and continue to come see us for their continuing care.  We are truly thankful for our patients’ loyalty and appreciation.  For our part, we reached out to patients of ours who we knew had fallen on difficult times to continue their care, participated in a donated dental services event, and partnered with Dental Options, a non-profit that coordinates dental services for those who are truly in need.

There were several notable events for our staff during the year.  Three of the ladies had babies, Heather, Brandie and Shana, congratulations to them!  During their maternity leaves, the rest of our staff did an amazing job of stepping up and doing what needed to be done to keep everything on track at the office.  We have an incredible staff who are dedicated to helping us provide excellent care even in challenging periods.   Our appreciation and thanks goes out to our wonderful staff members who make what we do possible.

In closing, I want to extend to all of our wonderful patients best wishes for a happy, safe,  and prosperous new year and thanks so much for the privilege of providing your dental health care.

Sincerely, Dr. Bill