Getting your kids to brush their teeth…there’s an App for that

| May 24, 2011

star_teeth_appHow do you get your children excited about brushing their teeth?  Well, there’s and App for that.  See the end of the post for how you can get this app for FREE.

Star teeth is a tooth timer that allows your child to chose the character or tooth brushing buddy.  Once the buddy is chosen  the timer starts and the buddy guides your child through brushing for the recommended 2 minutes via a timer and music.   There is also a step by step “how to brush” section for parents to review.

Getting children to want to brush their teeth twice a day is no easy task.  This makes tooth brushing more fun and exciting because it’s an app and kids love those iPhones and iPads.

It’s also important for all children 3 years of age an older to see a dentist on a regular basis.  If you are looking for a Columbus Ohio dentist, give us at Grandview Dental Care a call at 614-486-7378.

First 5  people that leave a story about their child brushing their teeth will receive a $10 iTunes gift card just by posting the story on our Facebook page.

Thanks to our friends at Ashburn Children’s Dentistry for giving us the idea for this post.