Get your Grandview Heights Ohio sticker!

| July 20, 2009

One of our patients created these stickers where you can “Show your Grandview Pride”. Take our flossing Poll and get your own!

We have a limited number and due to demand we are asking that you take our Flossing Poll if you are requesting a sticker.  The Poll is 1 Question, is anonymous and will take 1 second and don’t you want to know if everyone else has the same flossing habits as you?

Stop by our office or send Becky an email to get your sticker

Application Instructions for best results:

Only apply the sticker to a clean, dry, smooth surface at a temperature above 50 degrees.  Should be no problem right now.

Depending upon the humidity level, stickers may “curl” while they are still on the paper backing.  This curling doesn’t affect the durability of the sticker and will disappear when the sticker is removed from the backing and installed.