Faye shares her breast cancer story

| October 13, 2017

Faye is a vibrant part of our Grandview Dental Care team and we miss seeing her everyday.  She was brave enough to share some of her story with us in this video.

Faye was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2017 and she is strong, courageous, and pushing through everyday being as positive as the day will allow.

In this video she encourages everyone to get their mammograms!  Don’t put it off!  Early detection makes a difference!

Faye is a big believer in the mouth rinse Closys which ph balances your mouth and helps with the metal mouth side effect of chemo.

Faye is also very excited about our Pink Tutu challenge on our Facebook Page.  The doctors will look quite stylish in their Pink Tutus and she appreciates them being a good sport for a good cause, the Columbus Cancer Clinic.  The challenge?  If the Facebook post of the doctors in pink tutus gets 500 likes, they will wear a pink tutu for an entire day and donate $500 to the Columbus Cancer Clinic.

Thank you Faye for being brave & bald!

You are beautiful and we can’t wait to have you back at the office helping us and helping our patients.

Special Thanks to Pro Grin Dental in South Carolina for their inspiration in our Pink Tutu challenge.  Dr. Ayers and his team rock the pink tutu challenge.