Enjoying lunch at DK Diner!

| July 7, 2011

One of my favorite shows to watch with my husband is Man Vs. Food. I saw an episode that had a baseball park that had a hamburger on a grilled glazed donut. My husband turned up his nose but  I was intrigued. Recently one of my patients(Dana) had come in for a cleaning and I was asking how things were at his work place. I had mentioned that I have been in the Grandview area for 14 years but had never tried the DK Diner where he works. After a long discussion about how much I love donuts, he said that they make a Donut Burger like the one I saw on TV. I was so excited to go visit my  friend that works at a donut shop and try this crazy sandwich.

Well I am happy to announce that Heather ,one of our other hygienists, and myself finally went to the DK Diner for lunch. Best experience of my life. Small and charming neighborhood hangout with the best donuts and of course the Donut Burger. The sandwich was unbelievable. I felt guilty eating it knowing it was so bad for me but couldn’t stop until it was gone. We both agreed that this was the greatest lunch ever. I give this diner and sandwich my highest praise.  So a big Thank You to Dana Paulus for telling me about this hidden gem in Grandview!