Easy things you can do to keep your smile healthy

| March 7, 2011

istock_000001809431large-smallRecently we have been sending post-appointment emails requesting feedback and online reviews.  As usual our patients have given us some great reviews and good feedback on what we can do better and we appreciate everyone’s response.

One of the recent comments had to do with our promoting cosmetic/discretionary treatments instead of promoting good basic oral health in our e-blasts and signage at the office. In looking around the office, most of posters do talk about Invisalign, Cerec 1-appointment crowns, or Lumineers.  I guess we took for granted that those patients that are in our office are actually doing the #1 thing to keep their mouth healthy… visiting the dentist on a regular basis.  But assuming folks know how to keep their smile healthy just because they are at the dentist could be a foolish assumption on our part.

So we will continue to write blog posts about healthy dental topics and continue to link back to these articles in our monthly e-blasts.  We also are looking for a few new posters for the office and also will restart adding brochures about healthy smiles in our appointment reminder mailings.

Easy things you can do to keep your smile healthy

  1. Visit a Columbus dentist on regular basis, typically 2 times per year
  2. Brush and Floss your teeth everyday
  3. If you have decay/cavities in your mouth, get them taken care of.  Decay won’t go away.  A cavity will just get bigger.
  4. If you have gum disease listen to your dentist and hygienist and take steps to get it under control
  5. Don’t constantly drink sugary beverages or eat lots of sugary snacks
  6. Choose a dentist based on a recommendation from someone you know, not from a list on a dental insurance website.  It may cost a few dollars more per year but will save you time and money in the long run.