Does Do It Yourself tooth whitening work?

| September 12, 2012

The Internet is loaded with DIY tooth whitening “tips” and “tricks”. We thought we would share what we suggest when it comes to whitening your teeth along with sharing a link on the downside to diy teeth whitening

  • At your next dental appointment ask for us to give you your current “shade” from our tooth shade guide.  This will serve as a benchmark to your tooth whitening efforts.  You can refer back to this shade at future appointments to determine if it’s time for a tooth whitening touch up.
  • The most economical and effective way to whitening your teeth is to buy custom- made whitening trays and use the whitening solution we offer.  This type of whitening has been used with hundreds of our patients and produces predictable results in about 2 weeks of wear.
  • You can also do in office whitening which offers whiter teeth in a little over an hour.  You still will need to occasionally touch up your teeth with the custom whitening trays to keep them their brightest.
  • Some over the counter whitening products like Crest Whitening Strips may work for you

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