Do you take my dental insurance?

| January 25, 2011


We get phone calls daily of people asking whether or not we take their dental insurance.  What answer are people looking for when they ask that question?

We understand that economic times are tough and people or looking to make their money go the farthest.   Are you looking for the cheapest dentist in Columbus Ohio or are you really looking for the highest quality of dentistry, excellent customer service at a fair price?

If so, then ask somebody that you know, what dentist they go to and what the experience is like.  If you ask someone that you work with then you will have a good idea what the cost is for your initial New Patient dental appointment and you will have peace of mind that you will be well taken care of instead of taking a chance with a name and phone number on a list.

If you do choose to  go to your dental insurance company’s website and type in your zip code,  be prepared for an adventure.  This will give you a cheap dentist for your dental plan but won’t tell you anything about the quality of their dentistry or the excellence of the customer service you will receive as a patient, just that they have agreed to be a cheap dental care provider.  Do you make all you buying decisions based on the cheapest?  Or is there some sort of balance between quality, service, and price?

Perhaps you don’t care about quality dentistry or excellent customer service because doesn’t every dentist get the same dental degree?  This is kind of true but I am sure you will agree that just because someone has the same degree or training that YOU DO, doesn’t mean they do what you do as well as you do…… (whew) does it?

If you have dental insurance that allows you the freedom to choose any dentist you want, you should have minimal out of pocket costs at your initial dental appointment.  Not sure what type of plan you have?  Ask and let us investigate for you.  That is just one example of the excellent customer service you can expect at Grandview Dental Care.  We will go out of our way to make you feel comfortable, get the most value out of your dental insurance and give you great dental care in Columbus, Ohio.

We understand that quality dentistry isn’t cheap…. but cheap is rarely quality.  As with most things you get what you pay for.

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