Do I have to go to an in-network dentist to save money?

| January 13, 2014



Columbus Dental Patient Story

This week’s dental patient story is about our patient Julie that came to our Columbus dentist office for year’s and then decided that she would go to an in-network dentist to save money.  We understand that our patients want to save money at the dentist and when she asked to transfer her xrays we told her we would welcome a great patient like herself back to our office anytime, just in case the in-network dentist didn’t work out.  You can see her review of her experience above.

We are happy to report that she came back to our office even though we are not a dentist in her Columbus dental plan.

Why did she come back?

Many people believe that if they go to an in-network dentist that they will save money.  Sometimes this is true on a dollar by dollar perspective but it’s important to look at all the costs involved as well as whether or not you are comfortable with the care you are receiving at the in-network dentist.  Julie came back to our office because she remember what great care we took of her when she was a patient before.  My team here at Grandview Dental Care really goes the extra mile to make our patients feel comfortable about their dental appointment and genuinely care about each and every patient.   And yes she did have to pay a little more out of pocket for her dental care but she believes that the extra cost is worth it because of how we take care of her.

The cost of the dentist

Some of the ways we save you on the cost on your dental care that you might not find at every dentist in Columbus.

On-time appointments – We don’t double book our schedule so the time of your appointment is the time we are going to take care of you.

Getting it right the first time – If you have to come back more than once to get something fixed, that costs you your time(and aggravation)

We don’t nickle and dime you – There are actually dentists in Columbus that charge extra for Nitrous Oxide, premium appointment times, re-cementing a temporary crown,  using a special “premium” type of dental material and other things that we wouldn’t dream of charging the patient for.  We use the good stuff because that’s the type of dentistry we believe in and want to give our patients.

Limited Procedures that the insurance will pay for – There are some dental insurance plans that limit what you can use them for so severely that you can never see the full benefit of the dental plan.  In some cases patients have paid more for their dental insurance premium than they have been able to receive benefit for in a given year.

Your level of comfort with the care you are receiving – Sometimes with an in-network dentist you just do not feel comfortable in the dental chair.  Perhaps you feel rushed like they need to move you through so they can see the next patient or perhaps they don’t take the time to answer your questions or worse yet, to let you get fully numb before they start the dental procedure.

In most circumstances an in-network dentist must reduce their fees by 30-40% to be an in-network dentist.  They need to cut costs somewhere else in order to make up that differences.  How do I know this?  I’ve been an in-network dentist before and decided I never want to compromise the care I give to my dental patients.

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