Dental Emergency while in Paris

| July 2, 2014


Imagine being on vacation and having a dental problem.  What about being out of the country?  We recently had a dental patient email us while she was in Paris because she broke a tooth.  Thankfully she wasn’t in pain but the the tooth was jagged and sharp and she wanted to wait until she got home to have us fix it.  I guess spending time at a dentist is not what she wanted to do while vacationing in Paris.  I can’t say I blame her.

We were able to get her in the day she got home and get the tooth taken care of.  She was extremely happy and was able to quickly get back to her busy schedule.  It is very important to us to get our patients (and potential new patients) in as soon as possible to fix their tooth problem, get them out of pain, and get them on their way.  Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hoellrich take after hours calls on a regular basis from Grandview Dental Care patients that have a dental need.

We get a lot of phone calls from people that are leaving on vacation and are having an issue with a tooth.  We try to accommodate them as best we can.  If you are reading this, and you don’t have a dentist, I encourage you to make an appointment today just to get established with a dentist  that can keep your teeth healthy and also help out quickly if a problem arises.  And if you do have a broken tooth or cavity, get it fixed now while it’s small and while you are home, not on a wonderful vacation.

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