Columbus Cosmetic Dentistry and how you can be sure you’ll like your new smile

| November 28, 2011

Columbus Ohio Smile Consultation

We strive to make Grandview Dental Care a Columbus cosmetic Dental Office that offers and delivers all phases of dentistry at the highest quality possible.  Cosmetic dentistry is probably the treatment we spend the most time getting “just right”.

When considering having cosmetic treatment many patients ask the question “How do you know it will look good?”  I could just say “trust me” and leave it at that, but I don’t think that’s enough.  We always want to do more.

Let’s look at the typical porcelain veneer case.  Our first step is always a cosmetic consultation to talk to the patient about their concerns and goals for treatment.  We will take photos and are able to use computer software to create a preview of what the patient’s smile can look like.  This gives the patient the opportunity to see what is possible, talk about color and shape, and get a better idea of our intended destination.  The saying “it’s best to know where you are going before you begin” definitely applies.

When the patient and I decide it’s time to proceed we will take impressions (molds) of their teeth and send them to our favorite cosmetic  dental lab so they can create  what we call a “wax-up”.  With our goals and pictures in mind, the lab uses wax to create an exact three dimensional model of what we want the teeth to look like.

Now it’s time to start treatment.  We shape the teeth just so, to allow our porcelain to be a uniform thickness and give the lab the space to make a beautiful smile.  We use some dental magic to make temporary veneers that are the same as our “wax-up”.  This temporary stage is  a trial run that gives our patient the opportunity to see and feel how the final veneers will be.  Any changes to color, shape, or size can be made in this temporary stage.  We communicate any changes to the lab, and they create veneers exactly like the patient wants.

At next appointment these tiny works of art are tried in and evaluated for color and shape.  Only when the patient is happy do we bond them permanently to their teeth.  We still make changes at this stage if we need to.  We absolutely want the best result, and are always willing to go above and beyond.

I hope I’ve given a good description of the steps we take to ensure that we achieve the highest quality cosmetic treatment for our patients.  If live or work in Columbus, Ohio and  you would like to discuss how you can have a “work of art” smile, schedule your Free Smile Evaluation appointment today online or by calling us at 614-486-7378.