Choosing your dental plan

| July 22, 2009

 It is exciting when you get that dental insurance benefit-you just know that now you can get that smile you have always wanted.

Dental insurance may have been one reason you chose one job over another. It is a job perk that some receive as an addendum to their medical insurance or a separate negotiated benefit. Unfortunately we aren’t always aware of how the insurance plans work.

 I saw a patient this week that was new to our practice and just received new insurance and was under the impression that he had great coverage. When we went over his treatment plan he couldn’t believe that they only covered a very small percentage of his dental work. He had no idea how the plan worked. 

Each plan and it’s coverage varies according to the contracts between the employer and the insurance company. Some tips on getting to know your insurance plan are to know…

  • who controls your treatment- you and your dentist or the insurance company? Some plans may require the dentist to use the “least expensive alternative”.
  • Ask to what extent does your insurance cover? Some companies limit your plan to what you can have done.
  • Ask what your dental plan covers for prevenative, basic and major work? 
  • What is your share for these procedures?
  • Ask if there are any limitations on your plan?
  • Ask if you are free to see any dentist that you choose? Some companies have a list of Dr.’s that you must see or you don’t have any coverage.

 Whether you have dental insurance or not don’t let the insurance dictate the level of care you want. Find a dentist that will treat you like they would their own family. Hopefully this will help anyone that is looking into dental insurance.