What does my dental insurance cover? Part 2

| July 26, 2010

I our last blog post we began an explanation of what dental insurance is, and isn’t. We continue the theme today. My dental insurance will pay only for a less expensive treatment.  Should I get that instead?  Insurers commonly pay for the “least expensive” alternative treatment.  Many times this is

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What does my Dental Insurance cover? Part 1

| July 23, 2010

How does dental Insurance work?  Dental benefits aren’t really insurance plans because they don’t provide coverage for a catastrophic loss.  Your dental benefit plan is an agreement to help pay for some of your dental needs.  The more your employer(or you) pays for coverage, the lower your out-of-pocket costs will be.

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Save money on dental care with prevention

| September 22, 2009

Routine Dental Visits Can Save You Money If you have looked at your checking account balance lately and are feeling the pain of the economy(and who isn’t?) you need to keep things in perspective when prioritizing your budget expenses.  You can minimize your dental expenses by making sure you stay on

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My dental insurance only pays for a teeth cleaning 2 times a year. Why should I have it done more often?

| August 10, 2009

Columbus Dentist answers you dental insurance questions: Dental insurance isn’t really insurance (a payment to cover the cost of a catastrophic loss) at all.  It is actually a money benefit, typically provided by an employer; to help employees pay for routine dental care.  The employer usually buys a plan from

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Choosing your dental plan

| July 22, 2009

 It is exciting when you get that dental insurance benefit-you just know that now you can get that smile you have always wanted. Dental insurance may have been one reason you chose one job over another. It is a job perk that some receive as an addendum to their medical

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What does “Preferred Provider” mean

| May 18, 2009

Preferred Provider is a term used by the Insurance Industry to make it sound like these doctors/dentist are “better” than others.  Makes it seem that perhaps your Insurance company has graded the dentist in some way to prefer them over all the other dentists in the area. In reality, a

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How to choose your dental benefits plan

| November 17, 2008

It’s open enrollment time of year…… It’s that time of year again when patients begin asking which plan they should choose during their employers open enrollment period.  So we thought we would define the different flavors of dental benefit plans out there. There are probably 50 to 100 different dental

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How dental insurance companies calculate the UCR fee

| November 11, 2008

What does UCR fee stand for? Well… the letters in UCR stand for Usual, Customary, and Reasonable.  Almost sounds like the Insurance company is doing extensive surveys of dental fees in your zip code and then taking the average, say 70% – 75%,  fee.  But guess what, that is not what the Insurance company

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Does choosing a dentist on a list save me money or my insurance company money?

| November 6, 2008

So if my out of pocket is less if I go to a dentist on a list, why wouldn’t I just go to a dentist on a list to save money. Whew that was a long headline!  Do you make all of your buying decisions based on cost?  Do you buy

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Is Dental Insurance, Insurance?

| November 6, 2008

I guess that depends on your definition of insurance but when you compare dental insurance to the other insurances that you carry on your home, car, life, and medical it seems like more of a dental maintenance plan rather than insurance. Dental Insurance … it’s not really insurance at all

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