When you don’t have your toothbrush try one of these foods

| June 4, 2014

Have you ever been in a situation  where  you wished we had a toothbrush—but didn’t. Perhaps it was on a recent hiking trip. Perhaps it was right after lunch, on a day when you were headed into an important  meeting. Regardless of when it was, you knew that fresh, sparkling teeth

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Dieting? 4 Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy

| May 28, 2014

  DO YOU HAVE WEIGHT LOSS GOALS? GREAT! Just don’t forget to stay healthy—and that includes taking great care of your teeth while dieting!   Connections Between Oral Health & Whole Body Health   Our bodies are amazing. Sometimes we forget about the connections between each system. If you’re working to lose weight, be

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Warm weather foods and what they can do to your teeth

| April 8, 2014

Things are finally starting to warm up in Columbus so jumped at the opportunity to talk about how some of our favorite warm weather foods and beverage can wreck your teeth. Here’s a list of foods that can do some damage to your teeth if you’re not paying attention. Warm

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12 days of Christmas Specials at Grandview Dental Care

| November 30, 2011

  For the first 12 (business) days of December we are offering 12 different specials, one each day, beginning on Dec. 1. These specials will be posted on our Facebook page and also sent out in an email message each day. Each Special is only good for 1 day so

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Alternatives to Halloween Candy

| October 5, 2011

Since most people give out candy on Halloween we decided to come up with some fun alternative Halloween Treat ideas. Check out this Halloween survey where 1200 boys and girls where asked about their Halloween haul.    Typically all kids love to dress up and go from house to house but

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The Doctor’s Shrimp and Grits

| February 1, 2010

Both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hoellrich enjoy cooking.  Which is a really great thing for their wives!  The current favorite cookbook at the office is Cooking for Two: 2009,The Year’s Best Recipes Cut Down to Size Last night, based on Dr. H’s recommendation on what recipe to start with, Dr.

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Healthy Back to School Snacks

| September 3, 2009

It’s hard to believe kids have started back to school already, summer seems to always be the shortest season doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but my kids come home from school starving and I am forever trying to come up with snack ideas that they will like and

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What is Dr. T grilling for the 4th of July Weekend?

| July 1, 2009

As some of you may know Dr. Thompson is somewhat of a foodie.  And he loves to grill.  So we just picked up a bunch of baby back ribs for the weekend.  This year’s recipe comes from Gourmet Magazine. Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday and remember to have plenty

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Columbus Ohio July 4th Fireworks and Parade Schedules

| June 29, 2009

Hooray for a holiday weekend!  And we’re taking Friday off for the holiday and my wife and I are playing some golf with friends! Here is some information about community fireworks and parades happening this weekend.  I will add  more as we come across them this week.  I plan on

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Office is Closed on Memorial Day

| May 25, 2009

In honor of Memorial Day, Grandview Dental Care will be closed on Monday May 25, 2009. Please enjoy the holiday with friends and family and remember those that are fighting for our country! Dr. T’s Memorial Day Cook Out Menu Spatchcock(butterflied) Chicken on the grill Broccoli Salad Potato Salad Watermelon

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