Comparing toothpaste… what’s real, what’s bogus

| May 28, 2009

There are really 2 criteria to consider when choosing a toothpaste, is it effective clinically and what is the aesthetic appeal. Clincal effectiveness basically means…. does it have fluoride.  Most dental types agree that if it has fluoride then it a toothpaste you should be using.  How often you brush

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Exercise has positive effects on quality of life… even if you exercise 10 minutes a day!

| April 27, 2009

What if just 10 minutes of exercise a day could better your mood, give you more energy, improved confidence, increase motivation, and even increase agility? Well, studies have found exactly that to be true! With such a stressful economic climate today, we are valuing our quality of life much more.

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Scope vs Listerine: What’s the difference?

| February 25, 2009

Many patients ask us about mouth rinses.  Are they needed?  What do they do?  How often should I use them?  Everyone’s mouth has different needs but below are a few guidelines. Listerine reduces the bacteria that causes the redness, bleeding and puffiness of gums.  It also reduces the bacteria in the

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Do I need to take an antibiotic before my dental cleaning?

| October 29, 2008

For decades the American Heart Association had advised that some patients with certain heart conditions should take antibiotics prior to their dental appointments. In April 2007 the American Heart Association published guidelines where they recommend that most of these patients no longer need short-term antibiotics as a preventive measure before their

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Top 5 Dental Bad Habits

| October 15, 2008

Ok… we try to remain positive in this Blog but today we are going to talk about some dental bad habits that you really need to try and stop doing. Sipping on a sugary beverage all day long.  Don’t sip on pop all day (yes Mountain Dew lovers we are

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Help Aging Parents maintain their Oral Health

| October 13, 2008

Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation? If you are 1 of the millions of Americans that fall in the “sandwich generation” you’ve got a busy schedule taking care of your own kids as well as looking after your aging parents. Oral health may not be at the top of the

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How to choose a dentist in Columbus, Ohio

| July 10, 2008

There are always going to be choices when you decide that it’s time to choose a Columbus Ohio dentist, what are you going to look for?  Before you make any significant purchasing decision everybody has a method of criteria that they are looking for with some factors being more important than others. 

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