How often do I need to change my tooth brush?

| January 23, 2011

You should change toothbrushes every 3 – 6 months.  We will give you a toothbrush at every cleaning but if the bristles are looking a little wild, you might want to replace it before your 6 month professional cleaning. Remember if you or a family member get sick with the

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What can I do to improve my smile?

| June 7, 2010

Columbus Cosmetic Dentist talks about your cosmetic dentistry options Tooth Whitening can quickly,  inexpensively and dramatically improve your smile.  For the most consistent tooth whitening results, talk to your dentist.  Most dentists have take home whitening options that are more reliable and less expensive than the whitening strips, toothpastes or Internet ads. Porcelain

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12 Vital Questions you need to ask YOUR dentist

| April 15, 2010

Columbus Ohio Dentist – Questions to ask Do they use the latest techniques, latest anesthetics, NITROUS OXIDE, and relaxation methods for your maximum comfort? Do they offer IV SEDATION DENTISTRY during which they can increase or decrease your level of sedation to insure maximum pain relief and relaxation? Do they

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What you need to know when your tooth hurts!

| March 23, 2010

There are many different Tooth Symptoms and causes of tooth pain.  This blog article is not meant to replace a trip to the dentist to get things checked out.  But it can be useful information to help you determine how quickly you should make an appointment with your dentist. Symptom:

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Top tip if you want to keep your teeth

| February 4, 2010

I am continually surprised by people that don’t go to the dentist for 5+ years because they don’t have a dental benefit plan.  It’s like dental benefits  are the entry ticket to go to the dentist. The bottom line here is: things you plan on keeping for a lifetime you take care of.

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Look younger with routine dental visits

| October 13, 2009

    Have you thought about how neglecting to visit a dentist on a regular basis can make you look old?  When you don’t take care of your teeth, they break down, you may lose a few teeth(or a lot).  Without teeth your jaw bone deteriorates and without that support

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What everybody ought to know about a healthy smile

| August 26, 2009

A healthy smile should be a goal for everyone.  You can get a healthy smile with some work on your part and also the help and support of your friendly Columbus dental office, Grandview Dental Care. Here are a few things you should know about getting and keeping a healthy

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Improve your smile, just talk to your dentist

| June 27, 2009

Your Smile is the first thing people typically see when the meet you.  Everyone has their own feelings about what kind of a smile they want and that is great.  But if you would like to understand the possibilities and cost of improving your smile, just ask your dentist. And

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Stop the Pop! Acid + Sugar = Trouble

| June 26, 2009

The nutritional labels above are from Coke and Diet Coke some of the leading soft drinks in the industry.  Regular soft drinks contain both sugar and acid that can lead to tooth decay.  And although Diet soft drinks don’t contain sugar, they contain acid which is still harmful to teeth.

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What do people want from their dentist?

| June 12, 2009

The first thing I notice when I meet someone for the first time is their smile.  Perhaps it’s because I’m married to a dentist, I’ve been working in a dental office for 5 years, or because I had a lot of work done on my smile (braces twice, jaw surgery)

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