What Are The Benefits Of Digital Dental Radiology?

| June 7, 2017

Dental RadiologyAt Grandview Dental, we take our commitment to your mouth seriously. For that reason, we constantly further our dental knowledge by taking the latest education classes, and we continually invest in new technology. What does that mean for you as a patient? Nothing more than the best dental care available. Learn how digital dental radiology makes that possible.

What Is 3D Digital X-ray Technology?

We use 3D digital X-ray technology to produce three-dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone. The dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) equipment (say that three times fast!) is used when regular X-rays aren’t sufficient.

How Does 3D Digital X-ray Technology Work?

As we mentioned, our office relies on Cone Beam CT technology. The 3D ConeBeam Imaging system is similar to a digital camera, recording images digitally rather than on film. The system is mounted on a rotating arm, which moves in a complete circle around a patient’s head, scanning as it goes.

These scans can then be seen on a computer monitor in various views including: 2D, 3D, panoramic, and even in sequence. They can be viewed at any angle and in different magnifications, allowing us to get a comprehensive picture of your bones, teeth, nerves, and tissue.

How Does Grandview Dental Use 3D Digital X-ray Technology?

We’re happy you asked! We use 3D digital X-ray technology to do the following:

  • Create Dental Implant Treatment Plans. With 3D technology, we can determine whether a bone graft is necessary, as well as create your virtual treatment plan.
  • Discover Cysts and Cancers. Infections and pathologies can be tricky to spot with traditional 2D X-rays. Our 3D technology helps with early detection, allowing our patients to receive the best possible medical care.
  • Analyze Orthodontia Needs. We can easily view eruption patterns to determine whether orthodontic care may be necessary.
  • Evaluate Wisdom Teeth. With 3D technology, we can see whether wisdom teeth are coming in, and determine based on their positioning, whether they’ll need to be removed.

How Do Patients Benefit from 3D Digital X-ray Technology? 

Patients benefit in a myriad of ways from 3D digital X-ray technology. Here are a few:

  • Better Dental Care. Do you remember how you felt when you graduated from a flip phone to a smartphone? The change was like night and day, right? That’s how we view 3D digital radiology. With these highly accurate scans, we can spot and correct dental issues sooner, providing you with the best possible care.
  • Convenience. We know your time is important. Rather than having to travel off-site for cone beam imaging, you can have it right here in our office.
  • Ease. Cone beam scans are painless, noninvasive, and accurate. Additionally, since they’re stored digitally, there’s no chance of them being misplaced like there is with film X-rays.

So, you can rest assured that you will receive only the best and most advanced care at Grandview Dental. Not a patient? Schedule your appointment today!