Kate’s Invisalign Clincheck

| April 9, 2010

Invisalign orthodontics allows a patient to see how Invisalign will transform their smile before they commit to treatment.  These “movies” referred to as Clincheck’s are of our Invisalign Patient Kate who is sharing her Invisalign Story on our blog. Click the images to see the different views of Kate’s clincheck

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Sedation dentistry helps you relax at the dentist

| March 2, 2010

Columbus Ohio Sedation Dentist Are you  researching sedation dentistry?  In Columbus Ohio there are 2 types of sedation dentists.  Those that use only a pill and those that can use a pill and also continuing the comfort throughout the appointment using IV sedation dentistry.  At Grandview Dental Care, we continue to make you

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Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation Gala this weekend

| February 24, 2010

Columbus Dentist donates an iPod nano to the GHMC Education Foundation Silent Auction. This Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 6:30 PM is the 19th Annual GHMC Gala at the Blackwell. Each year Grandview Dental Care trys to find something dental related to donate that will bring in nice donation to

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The benefit of Dental Implants to you!

| February 19, 2010

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth.  Are you looking for an implant dentist in Columbus?  We offer a Free Smile Consultation to determine if dental implants are right for you. What are the benefits of Dental Implants? Dental Implants  look and function like real teeth Dental

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Want to look 10 years Younger?

| February 15, 2010

Columbus Ohio Dentist If you want to look 10 to 20 years younger, visit your dentist. Whitening:  A simple whitening procedure can take years off the look of your smile in just an hour with in office whitening or a few weeks with Professional Grade, custom made,  take home whitening trays. 

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Top tip if you want to keep your teeth

| February 4, 2010

I am continually surprised by people that don’t go to the dentist for 5+ years because they don’t have a dental benefit plan.  It’s like dental benefits  are the entry ticket to go to the dentist. The bottom line here is: things you plan on keeping for a lifetime you take care of.

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The Doctor’s Shrimp and Grits

| February 1, 2010

Both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hoellrich enjoy cooking.  Which is a really great thing for their wives!  The current favorite cookbook at the office is Cooking for Two: 2009,The Year’s Best Recipes Cut Down to Size Last night, based on Dr. H’s recommendation on what recipe to start with, Dr.

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What you need to know about DuraThin Veneers

| January 27, 2010

Columbus Dentist explains what veneers, Lumineers, and DuraThin Veneers are: A veneer is a generic term for a thin piece of porcelain that a dentist artistically designs for your specific needs and smile. Generic term as in tissue versus the brand name Kleenex. Veneers can be used to fixed chipped,

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The cost of Lumineers and Veneers

| January 26, 2010

Columbus, Ohio Lumineers When people are considering a smile makeover we encourage them to investigate all their options.  Some smile makeovers can cost a considerable amount of money so it’s important to do your research.   It’s important to visit a dentist that has experience with all sorts of dental procedures

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Cosmetic Dentistry – What’s in it for me?

| October 29, 2009

Did you know that only 50% of adults are satisfied with the appearance of their Smile?  Cosmetic Dentistry can help people improve their smile boosting self image and making people more confident in everyday situations. In a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 74% of adult Americans

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