Best way to handle dental pain when you can’t get to the dentist

| December 20, 2017

It happens.  You have a tooth that flares up in pain occasionally.  You know you need to get in to see your dentist but you put it off for whatever reason. So it’s Saturday night at 3 AM and your head is pounding because of a severe toothache.  So what

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Stay Healthy and save money with preventative Dental Care

| May 6, 2013

YES, WE ALL LIVE ON BUDGETS, right? But how many people have a dental care budget?  When life throws us a curve ball, it can be tempting to postpone our dental treatments. Resist that temptation! There’s a better way to save money and stay healthy: A Preventative Dental Care Plan. Part 1:

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How to Protect your Smile while playing sports

| April 18, 2013

5,000,000 TEETH ARE KNOCKED OUT during sporting events each year, according to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation. Yes, that’s six zeros, meaning five million! If people don’t start protecting themselves, the Tooth Fairy may be able to retire—and we don’t want that! April is National Facial Protection Month. Regardless

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Why your smile prefers water over soft drinks

| April 1, 2013

HERE ARE SOME INTERESTING STATS about soft drinks: The average soft drink serving size has tripled since the 1950s. The average person drinks about 45 gallons of soda per year. 7% of adults drink four servings or more per day. At least 20% of children drink four servings or more per day. Soft drinks are

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Why fruits and vegetables are important to your oral health

| March 1, 2013

MARCH IS NUTRITION MONTH—an education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic . Of course the topic of eating enough fruits and vegetables is applicable to our overall health, but most of us don’t often think about the implications for our teeth, gums, and complete oral health.

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The Health Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth

| February 25, 2013

While the psychological benefits of a beautiful smile are widely known, it’s easy to overlook the many health benefits. Truth is, these are equally if not more important, and they deserve some serious consideration. Let’s take a closer look. Fighting Decay Straight teeth are easier to clean, primarily because there

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What your breath reveals about your overall health

| October 12, 2012

This week there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about a breath “fingerprint” that doctors could use to diagnose all sorts of diseases in a very noninvasive way. Although more research is needed a growing number of health problems from Asthma to Heart Transplant rejection can be

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Kind words from one of our long time patients

| August 2, 2011

Just wanted to share a card we received from one of our longtime dental patients here at Grandview Dental Care.  It’s always nice to hear feedback whether it be in person, in an online review, or written in a card.  We know that our patients have a choice in Columbus

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Look who won the Summer Fun Basket

| July 14, 2011

  Congratulations to Jennifer for winning our June Summer Fun basket.  The summer fun basket was filled with all kinds of family games and activities.  Next time you are in the office make sure you ask about our current Sweepstakes giveaway(it’s usually on display in the reception area or at

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June Smile Club Winners

| June 24, 2011

Congratulations to John, Kelly, and Sheri this month’s winners of the Smile Club tickets.  We gave away tickets to Picnic with the Pops, Zoombezi Bay, and the Clippers Game.  Watch your email or follow us on Facebook for the next Smile Club giveaway!

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