Patient Photo of her pumpkin’s teeth

| October 29, 2013

Back on October 1st we gave away 3 sets of these Pumpkin Dental Implants on our Facebook page.  Our Patient Erin just sent us this photo of her pumpkin creation and her cute little boy!

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Your Healthy Smile Timeline: Ages 40-60

| October 15, 2013

IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT 40–60 YEAR OLD SMILES in our Healthy Smile Timeline Series! And again, don’t forget that if YOU don’t fall into this category share this post with someone who does—a family member, coworker, parent or friend. Great oral health is important for everyone. Must-Do’s, Ages 40–60: It’s estimated that up

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Amaze Your Friends With Four Amusing Mouth Facts!

| July 22, 2013

DID YOU KNOW THAT THE WORD “DENTIST” comes from “dent-” which is French for “tooth”? Funny thing is, as a dental office we deal with a lot more than just teeth! Why? Because the health of your teeth is  tightly connected to the health of your whole mouth (and even connected

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How to Choose an Invisalign Dentist in Columbus Ohio

| June 4, 2013

We are very proud of the experience we have achieved with Invisalign.  But what does our Invisalign experiencing  mean to you, the Invisalign patient that is looking for clear braces? In order to maintain our Invisalign Premier Provider designation, we must have 24 new patients that begin Invisalign treatment every

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What you need to know about Smoking and your Oral Health

| February 18, 2013

YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW MANY OF THE DANGERS associated with smoking. But, did you also know that smokers are twice as likely as non-smokers to lose their teeth? In addition, there are even greater dangers that smoking presents to your oral health. Smoking wreaks havoc on your gums. It lowers your ability to

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Corporate Logo Alphabet

| January 2, 2013

The answers to the Corporate Logo Alphabet are as follows ANSWERS: A: Adobe B: Barbie C: Crest D: Disney E: Euro F: Ford G: Google H: Heineken I: Intel J: JVC K: Kellogs L: Lego M: MTV N: Nike O: Opel P: Playstation Q: Quicktime R: Reeses S: Superman T:

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Quality Dental Plan – A Columbus Dentist Membership program

| October 22, 2012

Trying to figure out what a crown costs at a Columbus dentist?  Are you looking for a way to save on the cost of going to the dentist ?  At Grandview Dental care we are a Columbus dentist that offers Quality Dental Plan as an alternative to those folks without

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Construction Project Floor Plan

| May 9, 2012

  As you know we are expanding our dental office in Columbus, Ohio to better serve our patients. We have been located on Grandview Avenue for over 30 years and are very excited that we get to stay and grow on the Avenue. If you have seen the construction project

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Traditional braces versus Invisalign

| September 12, 2011

  Grandview Dental Care Sets the Record Straight  Most people equate braces with an improved smile. Straight teeth and a beautiful smile boost your confidence, which can affect both your personal and professional life. For this reason alone, many people believe that any temporary hassle associated with braces is worth

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