The Most Asked Questions About Tooth Whitening

| November 25, 2014

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Trying to find the right smile whitening products can often be a confusing process. It certainly doesn’t help that dozens of over the counter products make some bold claims about their final results.  Do you want to take a safe approach to tooth whitening? Let us help you sort through the maze of products and whitening options.

Professional whitening is safer whitening!

We highly recommend professional whitening solutions, whether in-office or take-home options. The advantage of coming to Grandview for whitening cannot be understated. With advanced technology, we can immediately provide a visible appearance to the whiteness of teeth during in-office treatments. We also offer custom-fitted gel trays and professional gel mixtures for safer, stronger and more convenient whitening at home.

Can I supplement with over the counter teeth whitening products?

In addition to professional whitening, patient’s often choose additional over-the-counter whitening products to maintain their whitening results. In addition to daily oral hygiene practices, we recommend using the following products:

Whitening toothpaste – Look for a whitening toothpaste that does not contain bleach. Used during your daily brushing routine, these products may help teeth retain their brightness. In addition, all toothpastes can remove surface stains as they all contain mild abrasives.

Rinses – Like the non-whitening version, whitening rinses can help fight periodontal disease and freshen breath. Rinses help to keep teeth fresh and clean, and may help to retain a brightened smile with mild whitening agents.

We do not recommend the use of over the counter whitening strips or whitening trays. These products may increase tooth sensitivity in many patients – and might even cause tooth damage.

What should I look for on the product label?

Always pay careful attention to product labels when buying over the counter product. You will want to look for toothpastes and mouthwashes that list hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient. Remember that the higher the percentage, the greater the likelihood that the product will contribute to a whiter smile.

How should I use over the counter teeth whitening products?

We recommend using over the counter products sparingly. Be sure to carefully read and follow manufacturer instructions.  The more closely you follow them, the less likely you’ll experience unwanted side effects.  Over-the-counter whitening systems can cause increased sensitivity to temperature change in the tooth and irritation of the soft tissue, namely the gums.

If you are interested in brighter, whiter teeth, we encourage you to stop by our office! Unlike over the counter teeth whiteners that can take months to work, in office treatments offer immediate results. We can match the location and severity of the stains to the appropriate treatment as well as consider your entire medical history. Visit us at Grandview Dental today to discuss our Boost Professional Whitening treatment!