Are dental implants worth the cost?

| January 8, 2014


 Take care of your smile in 2014

It’s the beginning of 2014 in Columbus, Ohio and you may be thinking of some things you would like to take care of for your health this year.   Diet and  exercise are usually 2 big things on a New Years resolution list.  But what about taking care of  your mouth and your smile health?   Do you have one or more missing teeth in your mouth? Perhaps a goal for you in 2014 is to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant.

When you lose a tooth the best solution is to replace it and when you are missing a front tooth you want this solution pretty much immediately.  But what about when you lose a tooth that is the back or side of your mouth in a spot that isn’t visible.  Most people have the tendency to ignore it because let’s face it dental implants aren’t cheap but I would like to tell you the dental implants are worth the cost and why.

Why Dental Implants are worth the cost

Dental Implants act like a natural tooth.  You can not feel or see the difference in a missing tooth that has been replaced with a dental implant.

Your Dental Implant can last a lifetime.  Upfront the cost seems high but implants last for years with proper care and good oral hygiene habits.  Let’s say conservatively that a dental implant will last you 10 years.  Based on the cost of a dental implant at Grandview Dental Care that is less than a $1 per day.  In our experience a dental implant will last much longer with good habits which makes the cost even lower.

Dental Implants have been accepted by dental professionals for over 40 years as a successful and reliable method of tooth replacement.  The doctors at Grandview Dental Care have been surgically placing and restoring dental implants since 1994.

Dental Implants are minimally invasive meaning your adjacent healthy teeth are untouched.  Unlike a dental bridge, with a dental implant  there is no need to grind down adjacent natural teeth.  Also be sure to do a cost comparison between using a dental implant vs. a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth.  Typically a dental bridge is only a couple hundred dollars less, and doesn’t last nearly as long as a dental implant.  Which of course means an added expense down the road if you choose a dental bridge over a dental implant.

A dental implant provides stability and comfort so there are no adjustments need after the dental implant has been restored.

A dental implant maintains the natural bone of your jaw and reduces continued bone loss which occurs with a missing tooth

So are dental implants worth the cost?  In a word, Yes.  A dental implant will help you have a more confident smile and that can pay dividends for years to come in your professional and personal life.

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