Anti-Aging Dentistry

| November 24, 2008

Anti-aging products and services are all the rage these days.  As dentists we are in an anti-aging business.

Even if you choose not to improve your smile with whitening or cosmetic dentistry, coming to the dentist on a regular basis can significantly improve the “life expectancy” for a fully functioning set of teeth.

Our philosophy and goal as a dental practice is the total absence of dental disease for every patient in the practice.  Some patients with gum disease have to work a little harder at it but it is possible to prevent dental diseases, deterioration, and facial aging associated with the loss of teeth.

You can do it and we can help!

We want you to become as healthy as you choose to be.   Having a healthy smile means preventing all dental break-down

  • dental decay
  • periodontal disease
  • tooth wear
  • tooth loss

These questions will help you determine if a Healthy Teeth First approach is right for you.

  1. Would you rather have insurance to pay for gum surgery or prevent the need for gum surgery at all?
  2. Would you rather pay for 4 root canals or not need to have root canals at all?
  3. Would you rather have insurance pay for 50% of four crowns or have prevented the need for crowns in the first place.
  4. Would you prefer to pay several $1000 for an implant and crown to replace missing teeth or have prevented the loss of your teeth?

Dental decay and gum disease are the 2 most common chronic degenerative diseases and these diseases are preventable as are all “lifestyle” diseases.  By preventing these diseases with the help of your dentist and hygienist you can save yourself $1000s of dollars over you lifetime simply by see your dentist for regular checkups and maintaining good habits at home.

Anti-Aging comes down to a question of not how long we are going to live, but what the quality of our lives will be in the last 30 years or more of life.

If you plan on keeping your teeth for a lifetime….. make sure you make the investment of seeing your dentist on a regular basis to keep them in fine working order.