Ages 20 – 40: Your Healthy Smile Timeline

| October 8, 2013


THIS WEEK (as part of our Healthy Smile Timeline Series) let’s address some age-specific dental topics for patients ages 20–40.

Remember, even if YOU don’t fall into the 20 – 40 year age range you certainly know and(or care about someone who does). Pass this post along to extended family members, coworkers and friends! They will appreciate it.



We don’t want to overwhelm you… So, to help you prioritize, we’ve divided the information into must-do’s, should-do’s and could-do’s.

Must Do’s, Ages 20–40:

    • Never allow regular check-ups to slide just because you’re away from your mom’s gentle (or not-so-gentle) reminders about dental appointments! You may not see the damaging effects of neglect right away—but it’s SO important to catch early signs of gingivitis, micro fractures, and cavities.
    • You may think oral cancer only affects smokers or the elderly, but 20–40 year olds are the fastest growing demographic for oral cancer. Learn more about oral cancer signs and risk factors, and make sure you’re regularly screened. At Grandview Dental Care, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hoellrich do oral cancer screenings at each doctor’s exam.

Should Do’s, Ages 20–40:

    • Are your wisdom teeth adversely affecting your bite? Will they be a problem in the future, or a risk factor for infections? Most people have their wisdom teeth removed during their late teens or early 20’s. If you haven’t had them removed, be sure to have them checked.  Wisdom teeth are so far back in your mouth that sometimes they are hard to reach to effectively brush and floss.
    • Every woman should know that during pregnancy hormonal changes can inflame gums and increase the odds for gingivitis. Gum disease can put women at greater risk for pre-term labor.

Could Do’s, Ages 20–40:

    • aYour smile is a MAJOR asset as you pursue your career and social life. As you move through this important phase of your independent life, it’s SO important to be confident! Small changes can make a big difference—so if you’re feeling self-conscious about your smile, please talk to us about it and your next appointment.  A smile change doesn’t have to be MAJOR to have a BIG impact on your smile.  Tooth Whitening can make a dramatic impact on your smile.

Take Charge Of Your Youthful, Healthy Smile!

NOW is the time to take charge of your own dental care! Be proactive in caring for your healthy smile. Thoughtful care now can prevent major problems down the road.

Please watch for the future posts about having a healthy smile at every age! And if you have any follow-up questions, let us know! You can message us on our Facebook page, give us a call, or send us an email.

As always, thanks for your trust and confidence in our practice.

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