A visit to the dentist turns out to be not as bad as you thought

| December 3, 2013


Just Call the dentist.  They’ll take good care of you.

Our patient yesterday was moving some furniture from Columbus to Grandview over the holiday weekend and was accidentally hit in the mouth.  There wasn’t that much blood at the accident and the pain was mild to medium.  He survived over the weekend but on Monday started getting concerned that maybe he knocked his tooth lose and that the impact of the accident moved one of his front teeth a little further back in his gum and was concerned that this moved tooth was noticeable to others.  He was also feeling some pain.

He spent 1/2 the day getting worked up about what he was going to do about this because he didn’t have a dentist in Columbus, didn’t have a dental benefits plan, and money was pretty tight.  Does this sound like a situation you have been in?  You spend too much time worrying about something before you really know what is going on?  You have all these horror thoughts that something is going to be really expensive, or painful, or time consuming when really it might be something small, you just need to get it checked out.

Man Up!

What should you do?  You might not want to hear this but… put on your big boy pants and call the dentist.

Let’s face it, if you are reading this you probably not  a dentist.  And if you aren’t a dentist how do you really know what is going on with your mouth… for sure.  It’s dark, moist, and scary in your mouth.  Let your Columbus dentist help you figure out what is going on with the pain in your mouth and then you can decide what you want to do about it.

But I don’t have dental insurance

The brutal fact about dental insurance: Dental insurance doesn’t pay for much.  So, don’t use lack of dental insurance as an excuse not to go to the dentist.  Did you know? Even if you don’t have dental insurance, you can still visit any dentist of your choice.  Even if you have dental insurance it will only pay a maximum ranging from about $750 – $1500 per year.  And yes, that’s still something but you are paying for your premiums for dental insurance out of your own pocket averaging about $250 – $450+ per year and still getting a annual benefit of $750 – $1500.  Makes you wonder what truly is all the excitement about “having” dental insurance.

The Happy Ending to this Columbus dentist office story

So, our patient did brave it out and came to visit us at our Columbus dentist  office  so that we could determine if there was a problem and figure out if we could help him.  Dr. Thompson took some x-rays and did a thorough dental exam and listened to all of our patient’s concerns.  As it turns out, the x-rays showed that every thing was a-ok behind the scenes and upon examining his mouth Dr. Thompson determined that the tooth wasn’t lose and the accident had not pushed his front tooth out of alignment with his other teeth.  But what about the pain you ask?  Well… if you get whacked in the mouth you are unfortunately going to have a little pain for a few days.  With this knowledge the patient breathed a sigh of relief and said “Gee doc, that’s wasn’t bad at all!”

So, if you have something going on in your mouth, visit a dentist to find out what it is.  It might not be as bad as you thought.