8 Uses for Toothpaste you didn’t know before

| April 1, 2015


Have you ever used toothpaste for something other than brushing your teeth?  If so, you are not alone.  In this blog post I would like to share with you some unique uses for toothpaste.  I do want to urge you to be cautious and only try these toothpaste ideas at your own risk.  Be sure to use the non-gel type of toothpaste

  1. Cleaning you Chuck Taylors with toothpaste – I can confirm that yes you can clean the white toe of your Chucks with toothpaste.  These are my Chucks above and after only wearing them for 5 minutes I had a black scuff mark on the left shoe.
  2. Cleaning out a plastic water bottle or thermos – Use a bottle brush and some toothpaste to refresh and revive an old water bottle that may have some mildew or staining.  Wash with soapy water to complete.
  3. Cleaning your wedding ring – I have heard from several Columbus Ohio jewelers that this works.  We can also clean them for you in our retired(but still functional as a jewelry cleaner) Ultra Sonic cleaner at your next dental appointment.  Just ask us.
  4. Clean the chrome in your bathroom or Kitchen
  5. Clean stains on your laundry – Just be careful with whitening toothpaste on dark colors
  6. Remove food smells from your hands – Handling fish, onions, and garlic can cause the odor to linger on your hands.  Put a dab of toothpaste in your hands like it soap. Rub and rinse.
  7. Remove crayon from painted walls – If you find a young ones’ master piece on your wall where you didn’t expect it, just put a dab of toothpaste on a wet towel and scrub at the marks until they come off the wall. Of course you should test this on a small area of your wall first to ensure that it won’t remove paint
  8. Cleaning your iron – Make sure the iron is cool and then use a rag with a little toothpaste on it to clean the iron.  Use a second towel to wipe the iron off.

There are many other ideas on how to use toothpaste for things other than brushing your teeth.  Be sure to share your ideas on our Facebook page.