$10 Chipotle gift when you take our Dental Insurance Survey

| August 2, 2010


Thanks to everyone that participated in our survey.  As of 8/4/2010 the survey is now closed.  Look for your Chipotle cards in the next week or so…. we were a little overwhelmed by the response….

Many people in Columbus have to update or sign up for their insurance plans in the Fall.   We are doing this survey to collect some information to write a future blog article on Dental Insurance.  We need some real world information so we are requesting your help.

Your answers will be anonymous and the results will be posted sometime in September.  The information may help you make a future decision on your dental insurance.

As a thank you we will send everyone that participates a Chipotle gift card.  You do not need to be one of our patients to participate.  Click to take the survey!