Professional portrait of Tara, team member at Grandview Dental Care

Fun Facts About Tara

  • What is your favorite restaurant in Grandview? Barrio!
  • What is your favorite (family or otherwise) activity in Columbus? Festivals and fairs!
  • Favorite thing about dentistry? The ability to help others.
  • How did you come to work at Grandview Dental Care? DDPS
  • Where do you hope to travel to one day and why? Maldives – clear, turquoise waters
  • What is the one gadget or piece of technology you can’t live without? My Cricut machine – I love crafting!
  • Why did you decide on a career in dentistry? I enjoy having the ability to help others.
  • What question do you hear the most from patients? When is my next appointment?
  • What’s your favorite food? Asian!
  • What is something that makes you smile? Being able to have a positive impact on someone and seeing them smile or knowing that I helped someone.
  • Tell me about your pets. Waylon is a 4 year old German Shepard. He is very ball/frisbee driven and he knows a few commands in German. Very obedient. Cash is a 2 year old Bernedoodle. He is very ball/frisbee driven. He is very energetic and crazy at the same time!