Fun Facts About Rachel

  • If I wanted to get a really cheap meal in Grandview, where would I go?  Taco Tuesday at Local Cantina. You can get a drink and yummy tacos for $8 bucks!
  • What is your favorite inexpensive family activity in Columbus? During the summer months, check out NightLight 614. It is an outdoor movie series hosted every Thursday night with the Columbus skyline in the background. They have some of the best local food, craft beer, and wine trucks. Tickets are only $7! (make sure to get a babysitter, this is 21+)
  • What’s so great about dentistry? I love being a part of building someone’s confidence with a great smile. Smiling is my favorite, and I don’t think anyone should hide behind a smile. Providing someone the confidence to rock their natural, beautiful pearly whites never gets old.
  • Where do you hope to travel one day and why? The goal is to visit all 50 states before I’m 50.
  • What’s the best part of your job working at Grandview Dental Care? Working on/with a team is something of high importance for me and finding that here at Grandview Dental Care has been a joy. The team is awesome!
  • What’s your favorite snack or comfort food? My favorite food is ketchup. Honestly, I put it on everything.
  • How do you spend your time outside of work? I love spending time outdoors. Any activity that involves getting outside I am down to try. Most of my free time is spent with friends here in C-Bus finding the best restaurants, events, and happy hours. I live in Harrison West and love exploring the neighborhood.