As many of our patients know, Prada was a valued member of the Grandview Dental Care team. We are sad to share that Prada has recently passed away but we want to memorialize her to keep her memory alive. She will certainly be missed! Read on to remember our favorite things about the best dog on staff:

My name is Prada Thompson and I have been working at Grandview Dental Care since 2008. I mostly stay upstairs and sleep on my bed but I do get called to duty every once in a while to go downstairs to help relax an anxious patient or distract an unhappy child. For these services I happily accept dog treats and belly rubs.

I also attend the morning huddle where I help the team with any breakfast leftovers including thoroughly cleaning out yogurt cups. I also will occasionally bark at other dogs passing by on Grandview Avenue.

I enjoy sleeping, eating, belly rubs, leisurely walks, and accepting all the attention I get from the GDC team throughout the day.

Fun Facts About Prada

  • What do you love about Grandview Dental Care? The free food. These people know how to cook and eat. There is always something for me to clean up off the floor in the break room.
  • What is an interesting place you have visited and why was it so interesting? Going to New York to visit Dr Thompson’s grandkids. There are a lot of kids there and that means a lot of food to clean up. They also have a heated floor in the play room that is great for a morning/afternoon/evening nap.
  • Favorite Animal? I love cats and bunnies. I will sniff a bush for a longtime if a bunny has recently been there. I see a lot of cats outside on my walks around Grandview and I am always anxious to meet them. The cats aren’t typically that interested in me though.
  • What do you do when you aren’t at work? I like hanging out on Dr. T’s patio on my dog bed and greeting each dog that passes by on a walk. I also enjoy digging up mulch and munching on dog treats
  • What is so great about dentistry? Liver flavored toothpaste. I don’t think we currently offer it to our patients here at GDC but if you ever get a chance to try it…. It is delish!