Fun Facts About Kelly

  • What is your favorite restaurant in Grandview?
    Anywhere with beer + food + live music & entertainment = MY HAPPY PLACE!
  • What is your favorite (family or otherwise) activity in Columbus?
    My husband and I love to try different restaurants and breweries. We actually have two mason jars filled with new places to try that we pick out to determine where we will be enjoying the evening. We love to go on hikes as a family, especially to Hocking Hills. And we are big OSU fans and love attending the games.
  • Favorite thing about dentistry
    Smiling is such a powerful way of communicating. Dentistry provides the opportunity for individuals to restore their confidence with a great smile.
  • How did you come to work at Grandview Dental Care?
    Liz & Julie subbed at my previous office & told me about the hygiene position.
  • Where do you hope to travel to one day and why?
    Ireland was at the top of my bucket list which I currently just traveled to. Next on the list…Greece, Iceland, Hawaii, Alaska (I have a long list!) I would love to travel somewhere new about every 2 years.
  • What is the one gadget or piece of technology you can’t live without? And why?
    My iPhone allows me to stay connected to friends and family back home, tells me where I’m supposed to be and gives me directions on where to go. Without it I feel lost.
  • What’s the best part about your job or working at Grandview Dental Care?
    The staff has welcomed me in as family. It is fun going to “work” and hanging out with everyone. Also our patients are amazing and appreciative for the care provided.
  • Why did you decide on a career in dentistry?
    Long story short, my role model (my Mom) needed a lot of dental work when I was younger, and I wanted to help her and others in any way that I possibly could. Throughout my dental career, I continue to find more passion in the field and how impactful it is on peoples’ lives.
  • What question do you hear the most from patients?
    Will that be covered by my insurance? We are always happy to look into your benefits, but we only recommend treatment that we feel will benefit you and your health.
  • What’s your favorite food? Or your favorite Meal?
    Anything SPICY!
  • What is something that makes you smile?
    My husband, Kyle, has the best sense of humor. He makes me laugh A LOT every day!
  • Tell me about your pet(s)
    Briley Ale is our 4 year old chocolate lab mix from Mississippi. We welcomed her to our family when we lived in Memphis, TN a few years ago. She is the absolute sweetest! Her favorite five things on Earth are 1) walks/hikes 2) her Grandpas 3) frisbee 4) food & 5) naps. She is extremely spoiled!