Fun Facts About Kathy

  • What is your favorite restaurant in Grandview?
    Grandview has so many great options for food. I would say my favorite is Mazah.
  • What is your favorite (family or otherwise) activity in Columbus?
    I love exploring Columbus with my husband and our two dogs. We love checking out breweries with great patios.
  • Favorite thing about the dentistry
    My favorite thing about dentistry is building patient relationships. I truly look forward to catching up with patients when I see them at their visits.
  • Where do you hope to travel to one day and why?
    Italy is still on the top of my list. My husband and I had our honeymoon planned there and then the pandemic hit. Once it’s safe to travel that will be our next trip.
  • What is the one gadget or piece of technology you can’t live without? And why?
    Sadly, I would say my iPhone.
  • Why did you decide on a career in dentistry?
    I wanted to be in healthcare and enjoy working with my hands.
  • Dental FAQ and answer/ What question do you hear the most from patients?
    Do electric brushes really help? How do I properly floss?
  • What’s your favorite food? Or your favorite Meal?
    I love Mexican food. Can’t beat tacos, queso and margs!
  • What is something that makes you smile?
    My husband Kyle and our two dogs.
  • Tell me about your pet(s)
    I have two fur babies, both dogs. A boxer that is 4 years old (Gunner) and a mix that we adopted right before the pandemic (Bodhi). Both dogs are brindle-colored and full of energy.